Log of a red panda in yarn line art

About Knots & Rows

Yarn is a Reflection - it should be beautiful, unique, "you."

Yarn has been at the center of my life since I was a wee little thing. I recall begging my grandmother to let me buy skeins any time we went to the store. "But what will you make with it?"

Apparently "I just want to look at it and pet it!" was not an acceptable answer.

Eventually, I learned to knit, crochet, and weave so now I have all the reasons in the world to buy yarn.

But you know what? Buying yarn to enjoy, without even using, is still okay in my book.

My philosophy is that no one should waste any investment of their time and effort into something that is not purely themselves. Our time is our most precious commodity. Therefore, each skein of yarn that I offer has been individually weighed, skeined, and painted by me with you in mind. Your projects, your dreams, your personality quirks. Each skein is unique and, like you, beautiful with love at its core.



About the Dyer

Jona, originally a southern Hoosier, has found herself amidst the music and BBQ of Kansas City, MO. Currently, she works full-time at Hallmark Headquarters downtown but when she steps away from her office, she obsesses over yarn, dancing, and her partner. Usually in that order. It’s okay; he understands.